French Director Mulling Marilyn Chambers Biopic

PARIS — French director Abdellatif Kechiche, the auteur of Cannes Film festival Palme d'Or winning lesbian drama “Blue Is The Warmest Color,” is mulling a new biopic about legendary adult star Marilyn Chambers.

IndieWire reported that one of the ideas Kechiche recently pitched to producers, including production company Wild Bunch, was "the story of Marilyn Chambers, a American porn star of the 1970s."

The director noted that Chambers gained notoriety for acting in what was an early interracial sex scene in the adult classic, "Behind The Green Door," and "died the year of the Obama election."

Kechiche said he sees Chambers’ journey as "a wonderful story" that changed people’s perception of porn.

IndieWire noted that Chambers’ film, “Insatiable,” was a best selling VHS tape for more than two years and that she was an early mainstream crossover star, appearing in the David Cronenberg film "Rabid."

It’s unclear as to whether the movie will see the light of day, but producers are encouraging Kechiche to make this his next film.

Chambers died in April, 2009 in her home located on the outskirts of Santa Clarita, California. She was 56 years old.