SugarDVD Developing Streaming App for SteamOS

LOS ANGELES — SugarDVD is set to develop a porn app for SteamOS, the new Linux-based operating system designed for gaming on big screens.

The company is reportedly ready to begin working on the new streaming app as soon as software producer Valve makes the OS specs available to developers.

"Our apps have had no problem reaching gamers through Xbox and Playstation, and so far, the gaming community loves our apps," SugarDVD CEO Jax Smith told Escapist Magazine. "It'd be foolish not to develop for Valve's new venture."

Valve said its new OS offers "significant performance increases in graphics processing," that will offer a number of new features that focus on living room-based gaming including the ability to stream Windows and Mac games from a standard PC to a SteamOS device.

"We love the gaming community,” SugarDVD spokeswoman Rebecca Bolen said. "Gamers can make or break new technology, so we're excited to get started developing our adult app for Valve's promising new devices."

She added, "Any device that has easily-accessible adult content on it will be more popular than one that doesn't.”

SugarDVD’s apps are currently available for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Roku, iPad and Android devices.

The company is reportedly also developing for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.