Pjur Tests Med After Spray, Receives Positive Feedback

Lila Gray

LUXEMBOURG — Launched last spring, pjur med After Shave Spray purported to soothe skin irritated by shaving. In order to test its claims, the company recruited customers to use the product over a three-week period and report their results, most of which were overwhelmingly positive.

The informal experiment was run through the German language site my-Lovetoy, which pjur calls “the most prominent information portal for erotic products in German-speaking Europe." Men and women used the product for three weeks and reported their personal experiences online.

Soeren, one of the participants, said: “A very pleasant and relaxing sensation is felt on the skin shortly after the product is applied. pjur med After Shave contains no alcohol or perfume, so there is no burning even with minor cuts. You get that feeling as if the liquid is absorbed directly leaving an odor-neutral film. This lubricating film is not sticky, however, like a cream.”

Another participant, Tina, was impressed by the spray’s odorless quality: “The after shave is absorbed immediately and produces a pleasant feeling. I think it is a very good thing that the product is odor-neutral, so that it cannot mix and clash with other scents, such as deodorant for instance.”

According to pjur CEO and Founder Alexander Giebel, customers had long-asked for a pjur after shave product, prompting its development.   

 The full test report for pjur med After Shave Spray is available in the original German at


For more information about pjur, visit www.pjur.com.