's Tomcat Hunting for European TS Talent

SAN FRANCISCO — director Tomcat is on the prowl for new TS talent in Europe, the studio announced today.

Tomcat is now in Budapest for The European Summit recruiting performers for Kink's and websites.

"The sites have been growing rapidly, and we want to expand our talent pool," Tomcat, said. "We've had several directors in Europe recently, and each told me about the incredible TS performers working here. I'm interested in meeting with both agents and independent TS performers."

Kink noted that its TsSeduction site launched in 2007 and quickly became a top transexual Dom fetish site. TsPussyHunters, featuring trans women with other female porn stars, launched in 2012.

While the sites are largely filmed in the studios of Kink’s San Francisco Armory, the director said he's not opposed to location shooting in the future.

“We shot TsSeduction and TsPussyHunters in Italy last fall, and the trip was a great success,” Tomcat, added. “It made me more confident that there was a way to produce shoots abroad and I am definitely excited to make connections here at the show and throughout Europe if possible.”

Performers interested in meeting with Tomcat can email