CNN: Tristan Taormino Vows to Require Condoms on Set

LOS ANGELES — Veteran adult film director Tristan Taormino will begin requiring condoms in all of her productions, according to a report today.

Taormino said she reached her decision after finding out that performer Cameron Bay had tested positive for HIV in August. Bay had been on her short list of performers to hire.

"It just struck me we need to take a step back and look at how we can give people the safest work experience possible," Taormino told CNN. "I can no longer roll the dice on my set."

The news about Taormino, who recently released an instructional movie through Adam & Eve Pictures, comes as the adult industry returns to work today after the second moratorium in the span of a month due to an HIV case.

Taormino said she realizes she may be criticized for her decision, but she plans to follow the new policy even if she loses some viewers.

"I know there's a lot of talk about how porn watchers don't want to see condoms and sales will plummet and everyone's going to be miserable," Taormino said. "But I'm not buying it."

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