Scott Hennelly Joins Sportsheets

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Sportsheets International has announced the addition of Scott Hennelly to the team as senior product sales specialist, a role that requires sales management support and business development skills.

With 15 years of experience in the mainstream sales and manufacturing realms, Hennelly brings valuable talent to the well-known brand and looks forward to mastering the ropes of the award-winning soft bondage and intimate accessory developer.

Hennelly will work directly with Sales Manager Cheri Poe to expand sales territories and support the sales team as the company continues to grow with record numbers. Focusing on both domestic and international accounts, Hennelly will increase global outreach by bringing in new business.

Hennelly launched his sales career in 1998 with America Online and former online community builder Geocities and later moved to online gaming company Mplayer/Gamespy to manage its L.A., Orange County, Hawaii and Texas territories. In 2002, Hennelly moved from online entities to tangible goods and represented manufacturers of high-tech electronic and medical components for medical, aerospace, industrial and military applications. Now Hennelly is excited to join Sportsheets and pursue a new niche in the sales field.

“We’re very excited to welcome Scott to our team and bring a fresh and valuable mind to the sales table,” Sportsheets President Julie Stewart said. “His vast experience covering various U.S. regions and providing friendly and effective customer support will be quite valuable, and his experience working with high-level decision-makers will make a positive imp! act on our bottom line. Plus Scott has a solid sense of humor that will fit in quite nicely!”

Hennelly also brings to Sportsheets more than 15 years of improv comedy experience, having performed and presented spontaneously in front of crowds of all sizes. His quick wit and interpersonal skills allow him to think clearly—and quickly—on his feet and will translate well into Sportsheets presentations.

“I am excited to be a part of Sportsheets and its wonderful sales team,” Hennelly said. “I am looking forward to bringing Sportsheets’ excellent product quality to new consumers around the world.”

Hennelly can be reached at For more information about Sportsheets, visit