Nasstoys Releases New 'Hush Panties'

NEW YORK — Nasstoys has released Hush Panties, a set of brand-new strapless panties that can accommodate any size woman.

Available in "flesh" or "black" tones, Nasstoys will introduce its new Hush Panties at the ILS Show this month in Las Vegas. Nasstoys new Hush Panties will be available for viewing in select arenas. 

"You don't have to be a supermodel to enjoy our new Hush Panties," says Kathryn Hartman, Director of Sales & Marketing for Nasstoys. "Anyone with more to love should appreciate what these next to nothing underwear can do. Thanks to the silicone construction, you don't have to worry about them bothering your delicate skin."

Each Hush Panties box set contains two totally invisible, self-adhesive panties that are washable, reusable and feature a silicone adhesive. The new strapless panties will eradicate unsightly panty lines, no matter how tight the outfit, and can accommodate most sizes.

"We are launching them at ILS in distributor booths," continues Hartman. "They are perfect for sexy costumes, the sexy consumer, and just in time for trick or treat!"

To learn more or to order a case of Hush Panties, contact a local distributor.