Williams Trading, Planet Earth USA Ink Deal for Monkey Spanker

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — Williams Trading Company and Planet Earth USA have teamed up to bring the adult industry The Monkey Spanker.

Williams Trading has been tapped for an exclusive deal on the Monkey Spanker male masturbation device. According to the company, The Monkey Spanker has been a top-selling male masturbation device in Europe and years ago the early models were available here in the U.S., but as new products were released and their own European market began expanding rapidly, they lost touch with the U.S. sellers and market as a whole.

"Williams Trading is very happy to join forces with Planet Earth USA on this exclusive for the Monkey Spanker line," Williams Trading Vice President Bob Pyne Jr. said. "We look forward to a successful and long-term relationship with them."

Hamed Allen, executive vice president of Planet Earth USA, says he had the pleasure of bumping into Colin Bailey, the creator and mind behind this very clever device, at the recent ETO Show.

"I decided to aggressively pursue the Monkey Spanker because I saw all the con's of other male masturbation devices that it literally obliterated," Allen said. "In terms of price, at most you pay $60 for a DUO that's really a couples product and lasts a lifetime. It's fun to use, easy to clean and even easier to hide and tuck away. In terms of price, durability, multi-functionality, and most importantly enjoyment it truly is one of the best products on the market. We are really excited to bring back an old favorite with a slew of new and even more pleasurable assortments!"

Planet Earth USA says it is very excited to collaborate with Williams Trading on this exciting new relaunch and venture.

"Bob Jr. and the entire Williams team literally see the same potential and niche this line carries, that combined with not only their experience but passion to ensure the line's success secured its home in the their trusted hands," added Allen. "We are very excited for this collaboration and look forward to many more to come!"

There are four styles of the Monkey Spanker to choose from: the Cheeky Monkey, the Vibro, the Double Trouble and the Duo.

The Monkey Spanker will make its U.S. debut at the fall installment of the International Lingerie Show, Sept. 23-25, in the Williams Trading booth #654-656.

For more information, visit WilliamsTradingCo.com, or email sales@williamstradingco.com.