SLS Specialty Signs Distro Deal for ‘New Moon’ Skin Lightener

HOUSTON — SLS Specialty has been named exclusive distributor of intimate lightening cream "New Moon," the company announced today.

The product is formulated specially for men with natural ingredients to gradually brighten the skin. SLS said unlike most lightening products, New Moon is free of harsh chemicals and was carefully designed for optimal results on skin tones and textures unique to the male body.

The cream's formula is free of alcohol, parabens, dyes and perfumes and is made without kojic acid or hydroquinone — two harsh ingredients known to irritate sensitive areas. The result is a convenient and discreet at-home brightening cream that helps reduce the appearance of embarrassing dark patches with no unpleasant side effects.

“The market for intimate lightening is huge but dominated by the assumption that women are the target demographic,” SLS Specialty CEO Shane Nelson, said.

He added, “New Moon is the highest quality brightening cream powerful enough to gently brighten even the most intimate of areas on the male body without the use of harsh ingredients. We are proud to bring this unique product to the adult market and change the skin ‘bleaching’ product category for good.”

A small amount on hyper-pigmented skin applied daily once a day will show results within a few weeks, according to SLS. The product is safe for use on the penis, nipples, testicles, anus and more, and absorbs quickly and dries fast with no sticky or greasy residue.

New Moon is manufactured and packaged in discreet pump bottles by Planet Earth USA exclusively for distribution by SLS Specialty.

To order the product call (866) 379-2699, or email for details.