NakedSword Releases New Series 'Frat House Cream'

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword has premiered the first episode of its new original series “Frat House Cream,” a loose riff on the teen-horror “Scream” film franchise.

The series, conceptualized by NakedSword CEO Tim Valenti and directed by Mr. Pam, debuted last Friday and is slated to run for four weeks.

“Frat House Cream” follows a group of young men who pledged to the K.O.K. frat house and “find out about things that go bump in the night...”    

The debut episode stars faux frat boy Kev (Hunter Page), who is stuck, home alone at the K.O.K. house. Kev has the feeling that he's not really alone — and it turns out that he isn't.  

His frat brother Rudy (Marco Russo) stuck around and startles the unsuspecting Kev by whispering into his year late at night. Rudy pulls out his webcam to show off his latest conquest, porn star Johnny Torque.  

The studio says, “Rudy and Johnny give the house-bound Kev a live sex show, and while Kev is happy to have a little company, he soon realizes something isn't right...”

To commemorate the launch of the series, NakedSword has announced an ongoing Cream Face Contest for fans and affiliates. To compete, contestants must send in a photograph of their “best” impersonation — sexy, scary or silly renditions welcome — of Hunter Page’s “Cream Face” that can be viewed here. Prizes include an iPad Mini, NakedSword memberships, a Polaroid camera and cash. The winning affiliate can earn up to $400, the company said.    

To watch the “Frat Boy Cream” series premiere or find out more about the Cream Face Contest, visit