Falcon Studios Launches Site for 'Bucks County' Feature

SAN FRANCISCO — Last Friday in HUNT eZine, Falcon Studios announced the launch of BucksCountyTheMovie.com, a dedicated website for the two-part Falcon feature.

With the launch of the site – which provides exclusive video, model bios, free digital book download, extensive photo galleries and trailers – Falcon also made the releases available for pre-order. Directed by award-winners Tony Dimarco and Bruno Bond, "Bucks County 1 – Into the Wild" and "Bucks County 2 – Road to Temptation" take the viewer on a trip down the rural back roads of America, far from the big city.

In addition to the pre-order availability of these two big-budget features, Falcon is making the limited edition, numbered (1-100) copies of The Men of Bucks County book signed by the photographers, Edward Scott and Kent Taylor, available for purchase as part of the "Bucks County Limited Edition Collector’s Set." The set includes both parts of the movie and the 60-page, 8x10”, X-rated book. A discounted value pack of "Bucks County 1 & 2" with a free gift with purchase of Falcon’s "White Hot" is also available on the site and will be exclusively available from TLAgay.com.

In "Bucks County 1 – Into the Wild," Dimarco and Bond set out to capture the relentless sexual appetites of five pairs of hometown studs. Vance Crawford and Lance Luciano combine sultriness and playfulness as they put their SUV to work as a love nest. The wood of long-haired Woody Fox is in high demand. First, Donnie Dean finagles him into a tryst by the barn, then Connor Maguire spirits Woody away from the BBQ for mutual blowjobs. Seconds are served up for Connor and Donnie later, when an unplanned meeting in the barn leads to an outdoor fuck. 

Ryan Rose is inspired to use a knot hole in the barn door as a gloryhole, and Connor Kline is the fly caught in Ryan's web of sexual intrigue. "Travel to Bucks County, and you'll find a place rich with Americana, charged with youthful energy and punctuated with the erotic shenanigans of hung, horny and handsome men," the company said.

"Bucks County 2: Road to Temptation" includes another five pairs of men who share each other and fulfill desires. Ryan Rose and Liam Magnuson connect in an erotically charged fuck in the corral by the barn. Ryan repeats with versatile Vance Crawford for an oral interlude between the fence posts. Vance returns with Jack King for naked wrestling on the lawn, followed by a sunset tryst in the barn.

Kip Johnson, with his long blond hair and scene partner Woody Fox, find inventive uses for an old wooden ladder for their sexual exchange. Collegiate jocks Jason Goodman and Joey Cooper make use of a tractor tire in their session.

Both "Bucks County Parts 1 & 2" Include DVD+, the addition of three bonus scenes from the Falcon and Raging library selected by the directors to compliment the action in this brand new release. DVD+ adds more than an extra hour of content to each DVD.

“It’s so exciting to work on a blockbuster project like Bucks County,” said co-director Bruno Bond. “We got an amazing opportunity to be out in the country and work with a group of models who are all sexy enough that they could appear in fashion magazines.”

“The hot men of 'Bucks County' tapped into the small town feel and delivered intense and passionate sex that was only accentuated by the rural setting,” added co-director Tony Dimarco. “It’s fun, it’s hot and it’s 100% enjoyable – the movie and the experience shooting it.”

“'Bucks County 1 & 2' are the best movies produced by Falcon in 2013, hands down,” said studio president Chris Ward. “Tony Dimarco and Bruno Bond shot award-winning work, and put the hottest men around in a sexy location that inspired the sexiest action Falcon has produced in some time. These movies are bound to garner multiple award nominations. Ryan Rose, Falcon’s Man of the Year, shines brightly as his superstar credentials show.”