WhiteLabelDating, IDE Group Disclose Partnership Details

LONDON — Recently merged WhiteLabelDating.com and IDE Group’s TheDatingStudio have announced that the latter will shutter on Nov. 1, at which point WhiteLabelDating will assume operations for the defunct platform.

Existing TDStudio partners who move their existing sites over to the WLD platform prior to Nov. 1 will be eligible for a 100 percent revenue share for six months on all new revenues generated.

They will also continue to receive 50 percent of all recurring revenues associated with their existing site’s paying members for the remainder of their customers’ lifetime, as per existing agreements with TDStudio.com.

Partners who fail to move over their site prior to Nov. 1 will not qualify for either, as it will be impossible to migrate their members to the WLD platform after TDStudio has ceased operation, a WLD representative said. 

“We are pleased to have been recognized as the market leader in WhiteLabelDating by IDE Group and would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new partners joining us from TheDatingStudio.com on board,” said Matthew Pitt, operations director at WLDating who is overseeing the merger. “Most importantly, we are delighted that this partnership enables us to do a great service to the WhiteLabelDating industry by protecting all existing and future revenues for ex-TDStudio partners and giving site members a consistently high online dating experience.”

The company’s account management team says it will guide new partners through the migration process, as well as provide an analysis of current sites and advise on further monetization opportunities.

Current partners of TStudio.com may contact the WLDating partner team at thedatingstudio@whitelabeldating.com, and are advised by the staff to do so as soon as possible.

Launched in 2003, WhiteLabelDating.com said it gives brands and individuals the opportunity to power their own dating sites across seven English speaking territories. The platform boasts a “site niching facility” (allowing partners to tap into specific interests), mobile platform, payment processing, an eCRM program, and more. The customer care team boast retention rates of more than a third, contributing to industry leading LTVs (Lifetime Values).