Fever Opens Wig Boutique Within Eros1207 Store

Ariana Rodriguez

HOUSTON — Eros 1207 is teaming up with U.K. brand Fever to establish a wig boutique within its Houston retail store.

According to the company, Eros 1207 has created a wall with red velvet curtains, chandeliers, and for a modern touch a large monitor showcasing all of the styles in the Fever range.

Andrea Brown, director of operations at Eros 1207, is credited with coming up with the idea when she saw the quality of the Fever Wig Collection at Las Vegas’ International Lingerie Show in April.  The Fever Wigs line features 16 styles in more than 100 color options.

“Fever Wigs are considerably better than any other offering on the market, they look fantastic,” Brown said, “We were constantly being asked by our patrons if they could buy the wigs from our mannequins. The Fever wig display at ILS gave us the perfect idea and opportunity.”

Fever wigs are manufactured with a fully adjustable foundation for breathability and a lighter feel. Each wig is created from lightweight, natural looking, professional grade fibre with high-temperature resistant properties – designed to withstand heated styling appliance temperatures in excess of 120°C / 248°F.

 Mark Behar, Fever’s head of U.S. business development said, “Fever wigs were born from celebrity inspiration, and we wanted to give the consumer that glamour and excitement to allow them to be who they want to be.”

To view a video showcasing Fever wigs, click here.