Monarchy's Mike Kulich Q&A'd in 'New York' Magazine

NEW YORK — Porn industry types usually grab mainstream media attention when their exploits lend themselves to sensational headlines rather than humanitarian efforts. Not so with Monarchy Distribution owner Mike Kulich who was tapped for a Q&A in New York Magazine.

Dubbed “America’s first-ever non-profit pornographer,” for his creation of Boys Town Studios that will give all of its profits to support gay rights, Kulich revealed the impetus behind his decision and how he successfully balances his company’s success with donations to charitable endeavors and working the media through clever PR stunts.

Kulich explained that he was moved by the plight of gays in Russia, drawing a comparison to his parents who escaped communism and anti-Semitism. He created Boys Town to help the victims of recent oppression and to help those seeking asylum in the U.S. and elsewhere. “So I didn't want to see history repeated, I wanted to try to help. And the only way I know how is by making porn,” he said.

Some of Kulich’s other philanthropic moves, like his rejected attempt to give the proceeds of Assence Films first release, “Anal Artists” that featured Sasha Grey, to the National Education Association was also on the table. He said that after the NEA wanted not to be associated with Grey, he was happy to donate about $5,000 to the University of California Popular Culture Institute that got wind of the available money.

Kulich also noted that Monarchy has donated VOD profits to the Center for Transgender Equality after starting up his transsexual studio.

But not all of Kulich’s media massaging is geared to worthy causes.

The article talked about his recent Anthony Weiner stunt where 15 percent of proceeds from the spoof film, “Don’t Pull Out” are being donated to the New York City mayoral hopeful’s campaign.

On a more serious note, Kulich commented on the hypocrisy of the U.S. culture when it comes to accepting gifts from porn.

“I think the whole country is corrupt as it is. You want to take money from the Koch brothers? I don't see how porn is a big deal. Sure, it's taboo. But I do licensing deals with Showtime. Our clips are in that new show ‘Ray Donovan;’ there's a scene in episode four where Jon Voight is holding our movies. Anyone who doesn't accept money from porn is standing against something that's already part of society. A show with Philip Seymour Hoffman in it is licensing our content next. There's a lot worse you could accept money from,” Kulich, said.