TrafficForce: 10B Impressions 'Just the Beginning'

Rhett Pardon

NEW YORK — TrafficForce has reached a pinnacle.

The traffic delivery service says it has surpassed the 10-billion-impressions-per-month mark.   

"Providing high volume traffic with the peace of mind that our advertisers expect is a winning formula, and as a result, the rapid growth of Traffic Force is continuing to gain more momentum every day," says Ross of "We recently picked up a couple more quality sites with and, while HostedTube has grown more than 30 percent in the past 45 days alone.

"Ten billion impressions a month really is just the beginning," Ross says.

TrafficForce, Ross says, is nearing a release date for its new "state-of-the-art" keyword targeting and frequency capping features that build on the competitive advantages of the traffic platform already in place.