Video: Australian Sex Party Unveils 2013 Campaign Ad

Lila Gray

MELBOURNE, Australia — The Australian Sex Party has ramped up the 2013 Federal election cycle with a new provocative (but SFW) campaign video ad published on YouTube.

Fiona Patten, the party's convenor, delivers her appeal from a stodgy office: “In the last federal election, the Australian Sex Party nearly got into the senate. We’ve had the last three years to reflect on the important issues facing Australians and what I’m about to say might surprise you: there’s too much fucking going on in Australia.”

The clip then cuts to a series of non-sexual, “fucked” situations, comically staged, but tragic content-wise.

A gay couple holding a baby girl explains, “We’re fucked because we still can’t get married.”

“I’m fucked because my school didn’t teach me about fucking,” says a Catholic school girl. The shot pans out to reveal she is pregnant.

The other vignettes illustrate the Sex Party’s support for the legalization of marijuana and voluntary euthanasia.   

“As much as we like sex, we don’t like getting fucked,” Patten and the clips’ actors conclude.

The Australian Sex Party, a Libertarian organization, says it “stands for civil liberties and personal freedom.” The Australian Federal Election will take place on Sept. 7; Patten hopes to obtain a Senate seat in Victoria.

In July, Patten addressed an open letter to the U.S. adult industry, asking for support and financial backing to ensure Australia remains an open market for XXX DVD and sex toy sales.