NS Novelties' Crystal Glass Collection Expands

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — NS Novelties will be releasing three new additions to its Crystal glass collection this coming September.

The Crystal glass Spires, Droplets and Ripples are the latest additions to NSN's exclusive borosilicate glass plugs.

All three products can be used both vaginally or anally depending on one's particular needs. The Crystal Spires are a classic elongated plug with a tapered base providing comfortable seating after insertion. The Crystal Droplets feature a bulbous head that narrow to a smooth, slick shaft with a flat base. The Crystal Ripples consist of a straight knobbed shaft with a curved base that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand. All three designs are available in crystal clear, cobalt blue and onyx black. As with all items in the Crystal collection, the Spires, Droplets and Ripples warm to body temperature after a few minutes of use, and can subsequently be heated/cooled to personal taste.

"When novelty items could be mistaken for beautifully designed pieces of art, you're definitely creating something original in the marketplace," says Sunny Rodgers, Sales Executive for NS Novelties. "The Crystal collection includes some of the most finely crafted and versatile pieces in our entire novelty line.

The entire Crystal Collection can be found here.