Fetish Pioneer Stockroom Awarded 1st U.S. Patent

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Stockroom has received its first patent for one of its unique bondage gear designs, the Bolero Straitjacket — a form-fitting take on the traditional medical restraint garment with a breast-baring cut that’s both flattering and restrictive.

Though straitjackets were invented in 1790, The Stockroom says its Bolero Straitjacket design represents the first significant revamp of the classic institutional design in more than 200 years.

“While the Bolero Straitjacket is classified by the U.S. Patent Office as a medical device, the patent for the Bolero was actually awarded based not just upon its medical uses, but upon its more recreational adult uses, as well,” the company said in its release. “In fact, the patent outlines both the medical and sensual applications of the Bolero’s groundbreaking traits. The open chest and cutaway design, for example, enable medical devices like stethoscopes and EKG electrodes, to be used without removing the jacket from a struggling patient. The jacket’s minimal coverage also reduces the chance of chafing or overheating the wearer, and looks less intimidating to patients.”

 The Stockroom notes in its patent application, the cutout styling also “exposes much of the wearer’s torso to the direct activities of an adult player.”

“Innovative products like the Bolero Straitjacket are a central part of The Stockroom’s trailblazing heritage,” says company founder Joel Tucker.

Besides being a leading designer and manufacturer in the adult industry, the company — which celebrates 25 years online next year — is one of the first e-commerce businesses in the world.

 “Patenting products,” Tucker continues, “allows us to protect not just our investment in developing an item like the Bolero. More importantly, it protects the investment of wholesale and retail customers in our products. Patents ensure that the Stockroom brand guarantees real value. Our customers know when they buy our gear, they’re getting high-quality pieces meticulously crafted in the United States that are as beautiful as they are functional.”

As an example, he points to the ill-fitting Bolero-style knockoffs made of fake synthetic leather that less-imaginative manufacturers have been making overseas since The Stockroom debuted the Bolero Strait Jacket in 2009. “Unattractively lumpy and too fragile to work correctly, they’re everything that clothing for the bedroom and bondage restraint shouldn’t be,” the company said.

Each Stockroom Bolero is made entirely by hand in the manufacturer’s Los Angeles facility. These fully-adjustable jackets come in a full range of sizes. Customers can choose from lipstick red or classic black leather, rugged solid or breathable perforated leather. A latex straitjacket of thick, shiny, natural rubber is also available.

While current Bolero Straitjacket models are best suited for the female form, these physique-framing, chest-baring restraints will soon be available for men. Stockroom designer O’Shay Nunn says the Male Bolero Straitjacket will be specially-tailored to fit men’s broader shoulders and more muscular upper arms. The Bolero Straitjacket for Men is due to launch this fall.

The patent for the Bolero jacket is just the first of many that The Stockroom says it expects to receive. True to its pioneering spirit, the company said it has numerous other inventions for which they have filed applications including designs for new sex toys and BDSM gear. Some of the patent-pending items are already available for sale, like the Jawbreaker Ball Gag — a bondage gag with a mouthpiece made of real candy.

The Bolero Straitjacket, The Jawbreaker Ball Gag and thousands of other products are all available for wholesale purchase at the Stockroom’s award winning distribution department. Email Stockroom Distribution Director Layla Ross at layla@stockroom.com for purchasing information or to learn more about the Bolero Jacket and The Stockroom’s other exclusive designs.