Erotique Entertainment Offers Solo Shows During Shutdown

LOS ANGELES — Erotique Entertainment’s live broadcast division ErotiqueTV has announced it will offer solo shows during the industry-wide moratorium.

Erotique on Wednesday ceased production of all its boy/girl shows in response to the Free Speech Coalition-requested moratorium. Erotique Entertainment indicated it is a fully Measure B and OSHA-compliant company that uses condoms for all shoots.

During past industry shutdowns, ErotiqueTV converted its premium advertised feature boy/girl slots to premium solo slots. These new solo shows are effective immediately. The first broadcast of this type will be Alex Chance at 10 a.m. PT today.

CEO Eric John said, “Erotique Entertainment will honor the moratorium on shooting sexual contact between two or more performers until it is lifted at the appropriate time.

"... Obviously, in the meantime, performers and everyone else needs to work, and ErotiqueTV has an immediately available capability to broadcast solo performances to an established audience through our heavily promoted shows. We are once again offering this capability to those performers interested, and continuing to provide quality broadcasts to our audience without interruption.”

John also noted, “Clearly there are a variety of webcamming options available to performers during an industry shutdown or any other time for that matter, and I personally certainly encourage everyone to explore all of them. ErotiqueTV offers a scheduled, advertised, feature web broadcast with senior camera operators in a studio setting, and many performers prefer to either utilize that option exclusively or in the context of other work they do, and we welcome those that wish to participate.

"The health and safety of everyone involved in the industry is always our priority at Erotique Entertainment. Obviously, as I am the main male performer for Erotique, it personally affects me in a direct way and so everything I say is backed up by my personal actions.

“These occurrences are challenging and stressful to all of us in the industry, whether you are a performer, an agent, a producer, or any of the numerous other individuals who depend on the industry for our income. As always, we need to work together to quickly allow the safeguards we have in place to work so that we can all move forward."