Masque Study Explores Oral Trends

TAMPA, Fl. — Masque recently funded an independent study that found that while 54 percent of couples surveyed reported that they had some form of oral sex once a week or less, the majority said they would prefer it more frequently.

Additionally, 64 percent of people in Masque’s survey recognized one or more of the 12 oral sex products they were shown, but no individual product was known by more than 25 percent of respondents.

Masque said that they hope to address the red flags raised by the figures, namely couple's unrealized desires for more and/or enhanced oral sex, by continuing to propagate their signature product, orally dissolvable flavored gel strips that “mask” the sometimes-unpleasant tastes associated with oral sex.

The Florida-based novelty company is encouraged by its study’s other finding —  that 69 percent of adults under age 45 bought three or more adult products in the past six months, suggesting that consumers are increasingly comfortable buying sex-related products.

Masque is currently available overseas in the U.K. via Planet Earth Wholesale and Austrailia via Calvista. The company projects that their product will be available in Europe, Central America and South America by the end of the year.

“We’re excited to help improve love lives worldwide,” Masque representative Guilfoyle said. “We’ve been very well-received in Australia and the U.K. and are clearly meeting a need there.”

Masque Sexual Flavors is available in four flavors, watermelon, mango, strawberry and chocolate, and is sold individually and in three-strip wallet packs. It can be purchased on the company's website, and at select retailers throughout the world.