Secret Passion Stocks Jimmyjane’s Little Chroma

LONDON — Online adult toy retailer Secret Passion has added Jimmyjane’s Little Chroma Range to their virtual shelves.

Recently introduced to Jimmyjane’s Little Something Line, the Little Chroma has become known for its minute frame (13mm) and long life (it sports a replaceable motor system).  

The vibrator can also hold various temperatures for varied sensual experiences, the company says. Users can heat the toy in warm water or chill it in the refrigerator/freezer for varied sensory play.

“We are dedicated to ensuring that we are keeping up to date with the latest fashions and trends, which is exactly why we are consistently updating our stock with the newest adult toys,” a Secret Passion representative said. “The Little Chroma from Jimmyjane is one of the newest and most popular vibrators in the world at the moment and we’re confident our customers will be impressed with its power and versatility.”

The representative added that consumer trends show that people are consistently choosing designer toys over their cheaper counterparts for better quality — despite the price differential.

“People want to buy a toy that’s good value for money, but it’s becoming clear that they also want the reassurance that their purchase is going to last them a long time,” he said.