Lisa Ann Responds to Derek Hay Statement

LOS ANGELES — Adult film star Lisa Ann has responded to a statement released by LA Direct Models owner Derek Hay Wednesday regarding allegations she made on Tuesday on an industry blog.

Lisa Ann, who on Sunday alleged that performer Alex Gonz, who is represented by Direct Models, may have worked in sex scenes despite testing positive for hepatitis, told XBIZ Wednesday, “I am not on trial here."

"I’m trying to keep the business safe and regulated," she said. "And I saw something that I noticed was questionable and wanted to bring light to it, so hopefully things will be more effective and people will be more concerned about the right paperwork. And hopefully we can all agree about what the right tests are that we should all be going by."

Lisa Ann added, “What’s good is everyone has been retesting. The positive here is that talent has been more proactive with testing and being more aware and checking their co-stars’ tests and the whole system is going to be more effective now.”