Shots Toys Introduces 'Zip Tie Cuffs'

Lila Gray

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Shots Toys of the Netherlands has released Zip Tie Cuffs, a creative and simple take on traditional bondage cuffs.

Available in black and flirty pink and purple, the cuffs run 9.68 inches, and can double as leg restraints.

The product description reads, “Make sure your lover stays in the position you wish for with these Zip Tie Cuffs. Discover your dominant or submissive side or use it for roleplaying. Be creative with these cuffs, decide for yourself how captured your slave is by adjusting the string.”

The Zip Tie Cuffs are also available in “extended” versions in the same colors.

The plastic cuffs are Shot’s latest addition to their Ouch! Collection that includes leather and PVC whips and crops, designed for playful BDSM roleplaying.

Shots Media distributes Shots Toys' products in the Netherlands and Evolved Novelties distributes them in the U.S.

Shots Toys is a European adult novelty company launched by Shots Media. “The goal was to let a happy, enjoyable and easy-on-the-eyes love set emerge in the middle of all the seriously intended dongs and vibrators,” Shot Media said.