James Deen Talks Sex, Love With 'Glamour' Magazine

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — In a recent Glamour magazine interview, adult star and heartthrob James Deen revealed what he's learned from his career in porn.

Deen said porn films play on people’s “inner desires” and that contrary to popular belief, men don’t expect their girlfriends to look or act like porn stars.

“When guys view adult films, it's because they're trying to satisfy a masturbatory point in their brain. They just want to indulge in that fantasy by themselves. They aren't thinking, Man, I wish my girlfriend looked like that. They just want to look at Jenna Jameson's big boobs bouncing around. In fact, men who view adult films are more likely to have an unrealistic expectation of themselves than they are of women. Most dudes can't have sex for 45 minutes,” Deen said.

He also shared his views on what he’s learned about women and romance from his career in adult films.

Deen said he’s more into commitment now with whom he dates. “On camera I have a lot of sex, so I don't need to have a wandering eye when I'm not at work.”

The star also commented on the term “romexting” that he used in a recent tweet, explaining they are texts that are more loving than explicitly sexual. "I love you. I want to take you on a fancy trip to Paris and hold your hand at the Eiffel Tower,” is romexting, according to Deen.

Concerning the folks who work in porn, Deen said talent respects each other’s personal boundaries. “If someone says they aren't comfortable doing a scene, everything ends. Everyone is respectful and professional. We listen carefully to one another because we understand we're dancing on these taboos.”