LATATA Confirms Clover Is Center of Possible Syphilis Infection

STUDIO CITY, Calif. — LATATA Tuesday night said that the talent trade group and the male porn star known as Clover are in communication to prevent any possible spread of syphilis.

Word in porn circles have swirled for days about a possible syphilis infection.

Syphilis results for Clover, LATATA says, are inconclusive and the group advises that others with first-generation contact abstain from filming.

“The syphilis test results, which the male actor obtained from four tests administered by two different testing facilities, are inconclusive,” said LATATA, formally known as the Licensed Adult Talent Agency Trade Association.

“One of the testing facilities, Talent Testing Services, has recommended the actor wait one week and the same battery of three tests for syphilis be repeated,” LATATA said in a statement. “This advice will be followed and adhered to by Clover.

“LATATA is advising an abstinence from filming for at least one week, followed by retesting for Clover and all of the other actors who were informed of their first generational contact with him between his last negative test and the tests delivering uncertain results,” the group said.

“To date, LATATA believes it has contacted all affected actors, male and female, except for two female actors, who worked with the male actor between his last clean test and his now inconclusive test.”

LATATA said that a studio that has become involved in the potential outbreak employed two female actors to work with the male actor. The studio has not released contact information.  

“They are believed to be ‘independent’ and without any agency representation,” the group said. “LATATA is unaware if the studio that employed the two female actors has informed them directly of their possible exposure. 

“The contact information for the two remaining performers has yet to be released to the association, that LATATA may themselves do so.” 

LATATA, in the statement, said that Clover said: “On Aug. 3, I received an inconclusive test result for syphilis.  I immediately contacted my agent, Kevin O’Neal with Type 9 Models, who in turn contacted his fellow agents with LATATA.  Together with Kevin, I produced a list of everyone I worked with since my previous clean test.”

LATATA said it immediately began contacting the list of performers Clover provided.

"Following the advice of LATATA, I went to a different testing facility on August 5 and took the same test again, as well as two additional types of tests, all for Syphilis,” Clover said.  “The results were returned to Clover from Talent Testing Services on Aug. 6 and were once again inconclusive.  Within thirty seconds, Clover phoned O’Neal with the news, and LATATA took action, advising the actor to wait one week before repeating the tests.

“I thought it was of the utmost importance to act as fast as possible by contacting my agent,” Clover said. “This way all involved could begin acting accordingly.  I respect the adult industry and believe it is important for everyone to work together to create the safest environment possible.”

LATATA member Derek Hay from LA Direct Models said, “Communication is the key when confronting a situation like this.”

“The adult industry has procedures in place to protect its performers, which when adhered to, lead to an effective means of limiting risk,” he said. “Clover is to be commended for his immediate, thorough and transparent response to the possible threat of syphilis. He put the safety of the performers of the industry first, as we all should, and he continues to do so."