Says the LDS Church Attacked Its Server

LOS ANGELES — The owners of gay porn site are blaming none other than the Church of Latter Day Saints for “denial of service” attacks on its server late on Sunday night.

An investigation revealed that the IP address of the servers implementing the attack could be traced to the ZIP code 84150, or downtown Salt Lake City where the LDS Church Offices Building, Temple Square and the LDS Conference Center are located, site owner Paul Jackson said.

“That the Mormon Church or someone associated with it would take such drastic and dramatic action to repress our treasured American freedom of speech is more than just upsetting,” Jackson said in a written statement that he posted on his Facebook.

The “about” page on says it is “the place to showcase beautiful young Mormon boys.”

It continues: “These guys are every bit as sexual as other boys their age, but are also wonderfully innocent and wholesome. And actually, you might even say that because of their deprivation, these boys are pent up and starved for release and that makes them even more sexual.”

Parodying an authentically religious site, MormonBoyz is rife with Biblical imagery and young men wearing traditional Mormon undergarments.

Jackson grew up in Sandy, Utah and went to LDS Church-owned Brigham Young University. He now lives in Los Angeles, QSaltLake reported.

The LDS Church has not issued a statement regarding the allegations at this point in time.