MP Claire Perry's Site Hacked, Adult Photos Posted

LONDON — Hackers posted pornographic images onto British Parliament member Claire Perry’s website last week, leading to a chain of angry tweets and finger pointing.

Perry, a vocal supporter of online porn filters and the “opt in” porn system proposed by David Cameron Monday, accused Paul Staines, a blogger openly opposed to the porn blocks, of committing the act, the BBC and other sources reported.  

"That well known responsible campaigner @guidofawkes has been hosting a link that distributed porn via my website," Perry allegedly tweeted following the incident.

Staines, who writes under the name Guido Fawkes, says he posted a non-pornographic screen grab of Perry’s site following the hack but denies responsibility for posting the original explicit images. He has threatened a lawsuit against Perry for her “defamatory” comments online.  

"Confused by technology again @claire4devizes?" Staines said.

"[The allegations] are without any foundation, merit or a shred of evidence to back them up," he later wrote in a blog post.

"Guido suspects it is based on Perry's dislike of the blog bringing the pushy MP back down to Earth occasionally."

Staines posted a poll on his blog asking readers whether or not he should take legal action against Perry; eighty-six percent of respondents said yes.