Planet Earth Distributing Masque in the U.K., Europe

Ariana Rodriguez

LONDON — Planet Earth has picked up the Masque line of oral sex enhancers for distribution in the U.K. and Europe.

As seen in the pages of Redbook, Women’s Health and Cosmo, Masque Sexual Flavors is the first oral sex strip that dissolves on the tongue, blocking the salts, proteins and bitter tastes sometimes associated with oral sex on a man and helping improve the overall experience for both partners. Designed with couples in mind, Masque Sexual Flavors aims to increase intimacy between partners and encourage sexual exploration.

“Everyone loves oral sex, but we just don’t give enough," said Sam Godfrey, operations director at Planet Earth. "Masque will help encourage couples to rediscover the art of giving by offering a much more pleasant reward for their efforts. Not only is the product very effective, the packaging is just perfect for this kind of product as is the price point.”

Masque Sexual Flavors is available in watermelon, mango, strawberry and chocolate flavors, and retails for $9.95 per pack. Each pack contains three individually-wrapped gel strips. Masque Sexual Flavors is also available as individual strips.

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