Samsung Moves Ahead of Apple in Mobile Web Traffic

John Sanford

SAN FRANCISCO Samsung in July overtook Apple as the leading brand in the world in terms of Internet usage on a mobile device, according to data compiled by Statcounter in a report released Friday by

Statcounter calculated the new data which charts changes between all different devices, operating systems and Internet browsers during the last 12 months from July of 2012 until July of this year, according to the report.

However, unlike Net Applications data, Statcounter only looks at page-views rather than users as a whole. Last year, Nokia had globally led the devices in terms of Internet usage, but in February, Apple surpassed it. As of this month, Samsung surged ahead of both Apple and Nokia in the world. However, Apple remains the leader In the United States and United Kingdom, according to the report.

Meanwhile, as of May of this year, Google's Chrome has overtaken Microsoft's Internet Explorer as the most used web browser.

In addition, Google’s browser in June overtook Microsoft’s in shares, 34.02 percent share, up from 23.84 percent 12 months ago, compared to Microsoft’s share of 32.46 percent, which is down from 40.89 from the same time last year.