U.K. Makes Call for Views on Copyright in Europe

LONDON — The U.K.'s Intellectual Property Office yesterday called for views on the issue of copyright from creators and distributors of content.

"The government believes that copyright needs to keep pace with technological development and take account of users' and consumers' expectations, while providing incentives and opportunities for creators," the IPO said in a statement.

The IPO said that it is inviting views, as well as any supporting evidence, so that the agency can develop the U.K.'s position on the issues and bring them to the European Commission to influence future proposals.

"Developments at the European level can have a major impact on what happens in the U.K. in relation to copyright," the IPO said. "There are a number of copyright issues being discussed in Brussels, which might find their way into formal proposals."

The call for views is aimed at consumers, creators, publishers and content providers, as well as universities.

Contributions can be submitted to policy@ipo.gov.uk prior to Oct. 11.

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