Launches Fetish Site

Lila Gray

SAN FRANCISCO — Gay affiliate program has announced the launch of its new “rough gem” of a site,

Founded on the principles of documentary-style porn, the scenes of IronLockIUp are shot in a dungeon that meets modern prison standards. Real members of the kink community are substituted for porn stars and lighting and cameras are built into to the space to achieve a voyeuristic, cinema verite effect.   

“In a marketplace that is full of cookie cutter porn sites, it’s difficult to find something that really stands out as unique. And with we’ve definitely found a rough gem,” GunzBlazing President Robyn Way said.  “When I checked out the space earlier this year I was so impressed with the detail Travis and his team had gone to in building it.”

Way is referring to Travis Hughes, the producer of IronLockUp. Hughes and his team collaborated to hand-build the prison “set” for the budding site.

According to IronLockUp, the structure was built to effectively confine five prisoners for an extended period of time. It features prison-grade bars, locks and other fixtures, as well as 9,000 pounds of custom fitted and welded steel.  

The dungeon’s seventy-year-old wetroom trough urinal was salvaged from a commercial building, giving the space an air of authenticity.

“We are proud and excited to join forces with GunzBlazing to make our documentary style kinky porn available to a larger market and grow our businesses together," Hughes said.

IronLockUp is now available for promotion through GunzBlazing.  

The new partnership closely tails GunzBlazing’s recent collaboration with German studios Cazzo and Wurstfilm.