Paradise Marketing Debuts ‘Tantalize’ Massage Lotions

Bob Johnson

VISTA, Calif. — Paradise Marketing announced today that it is the exclusive source for the "Tantalize" line of massage lotions.

Developed by Biofilm, the makers of Astroglide lubricants, Tantalize is in infused with a combination of pheromones and natural aphrodisiacs. The lotions are the first of their kind to emulsify silicone, oil, wax and water to create a uniquely refined consistency that glides on the skin-like silk.

The company said with infusions of pheromones including androstenone and estratetraenol, and aphrodisiacs such as jasmine, horny goat weed and L-citrulline, Tantalize helps transform relaxing massage into exciting foreplay.

“Consumer research showed that massage is one of the most enjoyed pre-sex activities, but for some couples it can be a little too relaxing,” Biofilm senior sales and marketing manager Suzanne Kongkeo said. “So we added proven aphrodisiacs and pheromones to rev the sex drives of both partners to ensure a mutually satisfying experience.”

A full marketing program that includes national advertising supports the Tantalize line along with a comprehensive social media plan to promote the use of these personal massage products among key demographics. Matching full-color posters and window clings are available to adult retailers upon request.

“Tantalize is the only product on the market made for exhilarating couples massage — we’ve never seen a massage lotion that combines skin-soothing oils with naturally occurring aphrodisiacs and pheromones,” Paradise Marketing CEO Dennis Paradise said. “This is an impressively effective debut from Biofilm and will without a doubt be one of our hot summer products.”

Tantalize is available in 3-ounce tubes with a flip-top cap for one-handed dispensing.

To order the product, email or visit for more information.