to Launch Live FemBot Shows

Bob Johnson

BOSTON — Technofetish site is expanding its offerings with the addition of a live webcam platform, kicking off with a fembot show on July 18 at 9 p.m. EST, the company announced today.

The website, which presents weekly science fiction/female android genre episodes, launched earlier this year as a co-production of Rebel Base Studios and 

SciFiDreamgirls' premiere live fembot show features Ashley 3000 [Ashley Fires] and BrazilBot [Giovanna] in a lesbian face-off that will entail some of the specialty fetishes that the website is known for, such as malfunctions, open panel, regenerative orgasms, and freezing, among many other aspects.

The producers said fans of the ASFR, Techno Sexual, or sexy fembot girls will enjoy the show.

Fires plays two roles in the series; one being the part of "Dr. Fires," a mad scientist with the primary focus of creating the most advanced and intelligent line of subservient robots. "Ashley 3000" is a manifestation of Dr. Fires, with an insatiable sexual appetite.

“As a performer at this day and age, there are a lot of ideas, a lot of commonalities, and a lot of saturation within the industry. Being a part of something like and the creative process that goes into each individual scene has been a breath of fresh air for me. The originality, as well as the ability to go to so many different places that porn has yet to explore is one of the most rewarding experiences as a performer,” Fires said.

Using's live video chat solution and LiveCamNetwork 5.0, (LCN) the main stars and characters, as well as fetish-savvy performers will be presented on the LiveCamNetwork. "We've actually featured science fiction themes in our LCN Girls chat rooms," LCN CEO Mark Prince said. "Though not female robots specifically, there can be said to be a cross over with doll-fetish, where a human is made up, is moved and posed like a an actually inanimate object.”

ScifiDreamGirls said the inspiration for the site goes back to the Fritz Lang film “Metropolis,” Karel Capek's play R.U.R. (which originated the word "robot"), science fiction writers from the Golden Age of science fiction to the new wave Sci-Fi, and on to TV series such as “Star Trek” and “The Bionic Woman” (which coined the term "Fembot”).

What makes these female androids different however is the hardcore adult context and the fact that many of these creations go well beyond being programmed with Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics.  Thus the storyline moves outside the lab when Dr. Fires' own fembot duplicate escapes as well as other themes and subplots that fall in neatly with and Fires' own take on the site that "the Technosexual fetish and our site is a beautiful expression of dominance and submission."

“Science Fiction as a film genre has always been one of my favorites and working on this project with Ashley and Jack Kona has been an absolutely delightful, fun and creative process,” co-producer Colin Rowntree of said.

He added, “It’s also intentionally a bit campy, letting us ‘go where no man has gone before’ in combining elements of ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Doctor Who’ with really hot robot and android gals having remarkable and unusual sex with human women and men.Taking this to a live show format will introduce yet another creative element to the mix with viewers being able to participate with commands, suggestions and live commentary (now taking it all into the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ realm).”

The premier show will be broadcast with a 30-minute theatrical Fembot performance by Fires and BrazilBot, followed by 2 hours of informal live video chat with Fires and her fembots.

Members of SciFiDreamgirls may view the live show as part of their membership for free at

Those not yet a member of SciFiDreamGirls, but interested in seeing the live show on pay-per-view can see it here.

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