MD Science Lab Adds 'Je T'aime' Line

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. — Herbal supplement company MD Science Lab, LLC announced today that as of July 15 it will be carrying the Je T’aime line of lubricants and arousal gels.

The company said the products are glycerin free, paraben and sugar free.

Packaged in airless containers for special safety, the look of the line is accompanied by boxed packaging.

“Created for the discerning woman, this line is designed to be a gift that a woman gives to herself. The silicone and natural water based lubricants contain a few added ingredients to increase lubricity and silkiness. The arousal gels are in three strengths, recognizing that women need different stimulation based on their cycles throughout the month,” MD Science Lab said.

The company noted that its products are available in more than 49 countries and is focusing on growth both domestically as well as internationally.

For more information on the products visit or call (888) 657-1717 or (954) 725-5502.