CockyBoys' Jett Black Dismissed From Royal Winnipeg Ballet

NEW YORK — Jett Black, who jumped into gay porn this year with, claims that the Royal Winnipeg Ballet canned him because he shoots porn.

The freshman gay porn star told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. that performing in CockyBoys shoots was simply a side project and an opportunity to express himself in a new way. 

But the 22-year-old felt that Royal Winnipeg Ballet officials had already made up their minds when they notified him.

"They told me … they didn't have any space for me because I did porn," Black said. "Being told because you're doing something else that's interrupting with what we think you can do is really difficult because they know it's your passion, they know that that's what you live off.

"They know my entire identity's built on it. So it was really difficult to be told that and to be told, 'You know what? There's no space for you here.'"

Jett has performed in scores of scenes for since his gay porn debut, with one of his first bottom scenes involving another freshman, JD Phoenix.

"Few words were spoken as the chemistry took over and they sucked each other off," CockyBoys' site reads. "JD has a huge, thick cock and Jett's tight hole could just barely take the whole thing. But once they got going, it was a hazy and sexually-charged blur that left the two drenched in cum by the end."

Joining the Royal Winnipeg Ballet in September, Black, whose real name is Jeppe Hansen, started dancing at the age of two in a small village in central Denmark. From there he went to Copenhagen, where he danced in the Royal Danish Opera and The Ballet in Tivoli Gardens.

Black said he even became part of an exclusive troupe that would dance at the queen's castle for private parties. "I appreciated working for her at the ballet and I would like to do that again," he told CBC News.

"My dancing career is not over. And when they [officials at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet] told me that, I thought the same thing," he said. "I'm taking a break from performing and I'll take this break until I find a place where I can fit in as a ballet dancer."