April Flores Debuts Toes vs. Heel Foot Fetish Toy

Hollywood, Calif. — L.A.-based artist Carlos Batts has designed a new erotic toy molded from an unlikely body part of his wife and long-time muse April Flores — her foot.

"The materials used and the untraditional subject matter is really proving to spark people's interest," Flores told XBIZ.

Based on and molded directly from the BBW starlet's feet, “Toes vs. Heel” is a piece for foot fetishists and art enthusiasts alike, Batts says.

"Carlos has had the idea of creating this sculpture for many years now and it is amazing to see his vision come to life,” Flores said. “I am thrilled that I was able to participate as the subject of this unique, avant-garde work of art. His innovative, artistic voice continues to fuel our partnership in life, art and love."

Primarily a photographer and director, Batts says he was inspired to continue Flores’ growing sex toy line after the commercial success of her Topco products, including the April Flores Voluptuous CyberSkin Pussy.

“I wanted to create an art piece that would continue to be fresh and never done before,” he explained. "I realized there are many people who are into the beauty of feet and I thought the sculpture would be an innovative idea.

"April Flores has an inspiring creative energy that allowed me make a really fun designer toy that could be a collectable art object as well interactive sculpture."

The first ten toys will come with a pair of Flores’ panties and tights from an archived modeling session. Each custom-crafted model costs $325. 

Toes vs. Heel will be on display at the the Fat Girl Book Exhibit on July 27 and available for purchase on fattyd.com.