Italy's Pink'o Acquires Cento X Cento Amateur Producer

RIMINI, Italy — Pink'o Enterprises has announced it has acquired Cento X Cento, which it considers Italy’s leading producer of amateur content.

Gerado Spagnesi created Cento X Cento in 2000.

“Pink’o was the only potential buyer that could guarantee me continuity, expertise and professionalism, and even more importantly the certainty that the Cento X Cento brand will be developed in the way it deserves in all distribution channels, both traditional and new ones,” Spagnesi said.

Pink’o already had been collaborating with Cento X Cento for several years in both the broadcast sector with the sale of TV rights for PPV and Pay TV channels, and on the web. The companies said it was the launch of the membership site and the VOD site that strengthened their working relationship.  

The manager of Crea Srl, Valerio Grossi, remarked, “This was a great opportunity we just couldn’t miss, together with the chance to send a strong message to the Italian adult market. Cento X Cento’s contents are among the most highly appreciated and requested, the only brand capable of creating user expectations and guaranteeing the maximum rate of conversion into purchases.

"The various projects we’re working on include CentoXCentoTV, a channel dedicated exclusively to Italian amateur contents, and important new developments in the web and mobile sectors. And we’ve already signed an agreement with Sins Store for the distribution of DVDs.”

The Cento X Cento library has more than 1000 titles, filmed in all regions of Italy. To see the July releases, visit