Girlfriends Films Donates to Ashley Sandau Scholarship Fund

LOS ANGELES — Girlfriends Films announced that its July charity donation would go to help the annual scholarship fund established for Ashley Julia Sandau, the late daughter of Shelly Sandau, who is the director of purchasing for the Lion's Den retail chain.

Girlfriends Films’ principals Dan O’Connell and Moose said they were honored to donate $1000 to the Ashley Julia Sandau Scholarship Fund, which is awarded each year to a student majoring in Journalism/Mass Communications at St. Bonaventure University, Ashley’s alma mater. 

To contribute, visit and click on “Donate Now.”  Then type in “Ashley Julia Sandau.”  Donors may also call (716)-488-0387 or click here to help.

For the story on how the fund came to fruition, click here.

Ashley earned her undergraduate degree in 2010, finishing second in her field at St. Bonaventure. In 2011, she earned a master's degree in Integrated Marketing and began working at System JO in Valencia, Calif.

“Many people in our industry had a chance to meet Ashley while she was working for System JO,” said Ashley’s father, Shelly.  “She attended two ILS shows and the winter ANME show in 2012.  Ashley is actually the person who came up with the idea to have a soft serve ice cream machine at the spring ILS to promote System JO flavored lubes—they had some ice cream flavors.”

While sorting through old school papers, Ashley’s mother, Liz, found an epitaph Ashley wrote for her high school AP English class when she was 16.  In it, Ashley discussed how she wanted to be remembered: “I just want to be remembered by those I love as good and kind, but not too good... just the right amount of daring, fearlessness, flirtation, and mischief. I want people to look back on me, the times we had and the memories they made with me, and smile.” 

Moose remarked, “To hear Shelly talk about his daughter is to get a sense for how amazing of a young woman she truly was. Losing a child is the most devastating thing that could ever happen to a parent, but Shelly and Liz are choosing to celebrate Ashley’s life and solidify her legacy through their charitable scholarship fund.”

He continued, “We are honored to help establish the fund and hope everyone in the adult industry who has been touched by either Ashley or Shelly will contribute and ensure the scholarship’s impact for years to come.”

Girlfriends Films owner Dan O’Connell added, “Shelly is one of the best people in our business and we feel privileged to help the Sandau family start their scholarship fund. I'm not at all surprised that the Sandau's are honoring their daughter by helping other young people that they may never meet. This is certainly one of the best donations we've ever made and we plan to continue our support of the Fund.”