NakedSword Launches Swordsman VIP Club at Pride

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword placed itself in the center of the action during this past weekend's kickoff of San Francisco Pride at Club 1015 Folsom along with, leaving a lasting impression thanks to Christian Wilde, mr. Pam, Leo Forte, live sex shows, blow up dolls and more.

In addition to entertaining the crowds, NakedSword launched an exclusive VIP membership club called SwordsMan. The VIP club gives cardholders a lifetime, "heavily discounted" membership access to NakedSword. Cardholders also get special discounts to San Francisco merchants, free entry to clubs, line privileges, discounted drinks and more.

NakedSword President Tim Valenti remarked, "The SwordsMan program is something I've been wanting to implement for a while now so I'm thrilled we have it up and running but this is just the start of the rewards aspect of it." 

He added, "Later this year we will be adding Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Paris, and London to the list of cities where cardholders get VIP treatment in clubs and discounts at local gay hotspots for being a part of the NakedSword network." 

NakedSword handed out more than 3,000 SwordsMan cards over Pride weekend. The cards are glossy, heavy in weight and have the feel of a credit card.

To stay tuned for more information on how fans can get a  SwordsMan VIP card at upcoming events and online via special promotions, the company said to follow @Naked_Sword on Twitter and elsewhere.