CockyBoys' 'Roadstrip' to Screen at LGBT Film Festival

Lila Gray

PHILADELPHIA — CockyBoys’ “RoadStrip” is taking a trip to the silver screen this July at the LGBT film festival QFest in Philadelphia — but leaving the hardcore action on the cutting room floor.  

Originally an online series, director Jake Jaxson has edited the footage down to an 82-minute cohesive feature film, including removal of all the explicit scenes, to comply with the festival guidelines.

The film follows co-stars Max Ryder and Jake Bass as they gallivant across the country, from New York to California, in an RV destined for the 2013 Grabby Awards.

Jaxson dilutes the “reality” series with elements of fantasy and experimental techniques and ultimately portrays a close friendship fraught with tension and claustrophobia. The psychodrama doesn’t preclude a lot of hardcore sex.

Ryder and Bass will be at QFest to present the condensed edition of “Roadstrip.”

CockyBoys exclusives Levi Karter, Ricky Roman, Bass and Ryder and studio owners Jaxson, R.J. Sebastian and Benny Morecock are slated to participate in a Q&A following the screening, hosted by Mickey Boardman, editorial director of PAPER Magazine.

Other films to screen at the festival include James Franco/Travis Matthews’ controversial “Interior. Leather Bar,” a collection of shorts called “Crusing for Sex” and “Mr. Angel,” a documentary about trans porn star Buck Angel.