Raging Stallion Presents 'Hole 1'

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon and Raging Stallion Studios has released the first installment of their newest feature, “Hole 1,” now available in stores and online.

Tony Dimarco and Adam Killian teamed up as co-directors to create a bleak, neo-futuristic world in which men are imprisoned and deprived of all amenities except one: a fellow inmate to fulfill their sexual fantasies. Each cell is outfitted with closed-circuit monitors, allowing all the prisoners tune in to the “prime time” action.

Josh West stars as the master of the domain, who sits back and strokes his cock while watching the sexual havoc unfold from the comfort of his secluded room.    

“With “Hole 1” and “Hole 2,” we’ve imagined a twisted world where you’re never quite sure if what you’re seeing is real or if it’s fantasy,” DiMarco said. “Our goal is to leave the viewer wondering while heightening the sexual power of the action on screen. The models delivered what we were looking for — the intensity and the ferocity that will really engage the fans.”

Killian, Tommy Defendi, Jimmy Fanz, Donnie Dean, Landon Conrad and Angel Rock star as lust-crazed inmates.

The finale features Trenton Ducati as an abducted businessman who is forced to witness the sex taking place in each cell. Driven mad with desire, Ducati receives a five-man bukkake facial.

“Hole 1” and “Hole 2” are part the studios’ Monster Bang line.