Exile's 'Mommy's Dearest' Ships

LOS ANGELES — Exile Distribution has begun shipping director Howard Levine’s latest film, “Mommy's Dearest” starring Sarah Palin’s porn double Lisa Ann.  

“Everybody who buys this title is essentially helping out an older, fat, balding Jewish guy towards his retirement, which is really cool,” Levine told XBIZ.  

In addition to Ann, the film co-stars Holly West, Lily Page, Sky Rogers “and a bunch of guys with really large penises,” Levine said.

“The plot is that when hubby’s away, these moms get down and dirty,” the director said, defining “down and dirty” as threesomes, blowjobs and everything inbetween.

At the end of the month, Levine’s fourth title, “Fuck Dynasty,” will release. He insists that it’s not a parody of “Duck Dynasty” the A&E reality show about a family-business dedicated to creating products for duck hunters and memorable for the stars’ flowing beards and surfeit of guns.

 “I just thought it would be a really cool box,” Levine explained. “It’s all about really good box covers.”

The “Fuck Dynasty” box cover pictures Brynn Taylor, Alexa Jordan, Cara, Cameron Love and Dakoda in camo lingerie with ducks flying overhead and does seem to capture the show’s woodsy aesthetic.

Levine is also Exile's president of sales.