Fun Factory Unveils Stronic Zwei, 1st Unisex Pulsator

BURBANK, Calif. — German manufacturer Fun Factory is launching its first-ever unisex “pulsator,” the Stronic Zwei, this summer at the 2013 ANME show.

The company is adamant that the Stronic Zwei is an “alternative” to traditional vibrators and utilizes in-house developed “drive technology” that delivers pulsations in lieu of vibrations.

“I cannot stress enough that Stronic is not a vibrator, it’s a pulsator,” Fun Factory CEO Frederic Walme said. He says that the only way to truly understand its functionality is to see it in action.

“Most of the nerve endings that appreciate vibration are outside the vagina,” said Carol Queen of Good Vibrations. “Within the vagina, the nerves mostly respond to pressure, motion and fullness. This makes the thrusting Stronic a really good technology for internal stimulation."

The Stronic Zwei (Stronic “Two” for those not fluent in German) differs from its predecessor (Stronic Eins) in structure only. The Zwei has a flat base designed to achieve two things: to stop the toy from going too far inside the anal tract; and to stimulate the clitoris, if used vaginally. This dual-action silicone addition makes the toy applicable and safe both men and women.

Marketing Director Emilie Rosan added that the device has a rounded tip designed to deliver targeted jolts to either the prostate or the G-spot as it pulsates back and forth inside the user.

“Pulsators are changing the way we masturbate,” Rosan said. “Their back and forth motion is impossible to replicate using the turbine motors found in any existing vibrators.”

Fun Factory is now taking pre-orders and will begin shipping after the ANME show in July.