Holiday Products Releases 2013-2014 Distributor Catalog

Lila Gray

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Holiday Products has announced the release of its 279-page ad-free 2013-2014 distributor catalog.

The catalog includes the adult industry’s major manufacturers and their niche product collections, including We-Vibe, Lelo, Hot Rawks, Kingman, Magic Gel, Shunga, Booty Parlor and Fresh Balls. It is organized by category to help customers find what they are looking for.

“We continually identify and select the “best of the best” in an effort to help our customers with their product selection,” said Susanna Molina, Holiday Products purchasing director.

“This catalog represents our continued growth and expansion at Holiday Products,” Vice President Ken Sahn added. “We don’t carry everything because frankly everything doesn’t sell.”

Holiday Products now stocks more than 7,500 items and continually adds news products based on customers’ requests, Molina said.