Founder Angie Rowntree Featured on

BOSTON — founder Angie Rowntree is being featured on women's love and relationship website

The website spotlights the female-centric erotica destination, where Rowntree dishes the truth on what really turns on the fairer sex as she debunks popular misconceptions about women and pornography.

“What Women Want (From Their Porn)” argues that a surprisingly large number of women are interested in porn and they are just as visually stimulated as men. This means that kinky encounters are no longer taboo.

"There is no one way that women approach porn — we're much more multi-faceted than that. Some women find erotica minimally sexual, and others consider it a huge turn-on. Others like to just ‘get down to business.’ One thing I know for sure, 13 Million American women, can't be wrong," Rowntree said.

Because of‘s informative and female-friendly approach to sex, love and relationships, the site is experiencing a surge of mainstream attention, according to its operators. Rowntree maintained that her site employs an empowering, yet erotic destination that gives women the opportunity to explore their desires on their own terms.

Rowntree added that she and her website have embarked on a journey to help women feed their bodies, hearts, and souls.

“ is really comprised of what its members want, because we ask and genuinely care. Our job is simply to give it to them,”  Rowntree said. “If more adult entertainment truly catered to women’s desires, we’d see less apprehension around the word ‘pornography’ and be able to enjoy our sexuality in a much more natural way.”