Cockyboy's 'Roadstrip' Finale Ends Road Trip

Lila Gray

NEW YORK — Cockyboy’s dramatic duo Max Ryder and Jake Bass ended their five-day roadtrip and "Roadstrip" semi-reality series with a reflective finale and threesome at Joshua State Park in California.

The "Roadstrip" finale is now streaming on

Ryder and Bass, best described as “frenemies,” documented their journey, including all its hardcore interludes, as they traveled from NYC to Los Angeles in an RV to attend the 2013 Grabby Awards.

After some unabashed partying in L.A. (and the resulting “Bangover”) Bass and Ryder drive to the remote desert to recenter themselves — by tripping out on the psychedelic Y Cactus that grows in Joshua Tree.

“We’re such good friends,” Bass says while they sit on a boulder, “Why did we have to go through all of that hate and drama to get here?”

Their trip-out gives way to flashbacks of jealous bickering and tension-fraught hookups that the boys experienced earlier in the series.

The show concludes with emotional confessions and a three-way “dream sequence” between Bass, Ryder and BelAmi’s Kevin Warhol.

Bass said that the Roadstrip made him “a different person”; director Jake Jaxson also experienced a transformation of sorts.

"Max and Jake allowed me to push them into areas that were way out of their comfort zones,” Jaxson said. “And, in turn, they did the same for me — challenging my limits, my creativity and my relationships. I'm so blessed and grateful for the "RoadStrip" they made me take as well."

Jaxson is wrapping his next project “A Thing of Beauty,” which will debut this summer.