Entrenue Releases New Bachelorette Mini-Catalog

PHOENIX — Entrenue has released a new mini catalog dedicated to the popular decorations, games and party accessories for soon-to-be-bride’s bachelorette celebration.

The 28-page supplement includes the latest from Kheper Games, CandyPrints, Ball & Chain, Little Genie and more. The colorful and user-friendly catalog features interactive games, themed shots and shakers, and a selection of sashes, veils, buttons and tiaras.

“It’s officially wedding season and bachelorette accessories have become a major category for adult retailers across the country,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “We created our bachelorette mini catalog to make it fast, easy and convenient for our customers to keep their stores stocked with everything from traditional bride sashes to more racy decorations and gag gifts.”

To register, email catalog@entrenue.com and include your phone number or call (800) 386-7268.