Homegrown Video Launches DVD Naming Contest

LOS ANGELES — Homegrown Video has launched a weekly Facebook contest, where fans will be able to take part in naming the amateur porn company’s upcoming DVD titles.

Each week fans will be able to submit suggestions on the title for a new series, or subtitle for a popular series from existing lines. The first contest starts with fans submitting possible titles for Homegrown’snew amateur interracial series.

The contest continues the following week, with another new series or release from the studio.

“Since 1982, Homegrown Video has been delivering the hottest adult amateur videos on the web,” states the contest rules. “But we need your help in deciding a name worthy of a sexy interracial series.”

At the end of each week, Homegrown will select the winning title and subtitle submission. The person submitting the winning series title entry will receive a DVD copy of the first volume of the new series, as well as a three-month subscription to HomegrownVideo.com.

The winner of the series subtitle submission will receive a DVD copy of the movie they named.

“As the number one source of amateur porn for more than 30 years, we’ve been blessed with the sheer volume of amateur submissions we receive on a daily basis,” Homegrown owner Farrell Timlake said. “This sort of interaction with our fans is what makes Homegrown what it is. Getting our fans to take their interaction with us one step further, by inviting them in to help us create new DVD titles, is a natural progression. We’re looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with — I’m sure we’re going to get some unique, interesting, and some downright funny suggestions.”

For more information or to enter the contest click here. Contest rules require fans to “Like” Homegrown Video’s Facebook page in order to gain entry to the contest and submit ideas.