zBUCKz Launches JBuckz.com Affiliate Program

LONDON — Panorama Pacific Ltd., founders of zBUCKz.com today announced the release of their new straight Asian girl affiliate program, JBuckz.com.

The company said the first site launched in the new program is SexJapanTV.com, that features content filmed by a "famed Japanese fetish porn producer."

“The kinky content found on SexJapanTV.com features no mosaics, and is being released for the first in the west. It is sure to be a hit for fans of fans of beautiful J-girls starring in kinky, hardcore sex,'” company director Danny Zeeman said.

Current ZBUCKz affiliates do not have to sign up again to get their linking codes for JBuckz. Calling itself the "Panorama Pacific Network of Adult Affiliate Programs," JBuckz lets webmasters grab content and view their stats from one admin area. ZBuckz and JBuckz incomes are combined to make it easier for webmasters to reach their minimum payouts.

“Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to promote our websites and get paid,” Zeeman added. “Who wants to have to constantly log in and log out of different programs to get what they need? By combining all of our affiliate programs on one platform, we can be a one-stop shop for webmasters looking for unique, niched content to promote and fill in all categories of their websites.”

zBUCKz also plans to roll out more straight sites in JBuckz, as well as another new straight affiliate program called “GlamourBuckz” in the coming weeks.

“We are excited about our new foray into the straight market and look forward to serving the needs of all adult webmasters, just as we have for the past 10 years with zBUCKz,” the company said.

Affiliate tools including banners, FHG's, hosted videos and more are now available at JBuckz.com to promote SexJapanTV.com. Contact the webmaster at PanoramaPacific.com for assistance.