Pipedream Receives Honor in Russia

LOS ANGELES — Pipedream was named Brand of the Year for the straight year on the first day of the 12th annual X'show, Russia's largest adult trade show.

The manufacturer's brands filled several distributor booths, while their award-winning Fetish Fantasy Lingerie collection was featuring during a catwalk showcase sponsored by Tonga/Grass Co.

"Pipedream's international presence and reputation has grown tremendously within the last few years," said Pipedream VP of Sales, Steve Sav. "We've personalized our branding and marketing efforts—with Planogrammer v. 2.0 specifically—to cater to retail environments worldwide. Now at any trade show around the globe, you'll see booth after booth brimming with Pipedream Products."

The Brand of the Year Award is based on a survey of adult retailers.

"Pipedream continues to grow and expand in every market around the world, and I couldn't be more pleased with our latest award voted directly by the retailers that we serve," said Pipedream CEO Nick Orlandino. "Our wide selection, distinctive packaging, and dedication to branding and merchandising has made Pipedream number one in the world."